Precision Sensing Australia

PSA Workshop 2016

24 to 25 October, 2016
The Australian National University, Canberra

The first PSA workshop will explore how best take advantage of our strengths to grow the organisation.

The workshop is by invitation only and has no registration fee. As program details are finalised they will appear here.


  1. Sunday 23rd of October welcome reception at 7:00 pm in the Department of Quantum Science. The welcome reception will run at least until 9:00 pm.
  2. Monday 24th of October 9:00 am to 5:00 pm sessions lead by theme leaders and perspective speakers (see below) with significant opportunity for input from all participants.
  3. Tuesday 25th of October 9:00 am to 4:00 pm similar format to Monday’s sessions.

Downloadable Program

Theme Leaders

Confirmed Theme leaders (list below) have been asked to give a national perspective structured around the following questions:

  1. Describe the capability and technology that currently exists across Australia - are any of these groups already working with defence or defence industry, and if so, who is it and in what application ?
  2. Describe the types of defence-related applications to which this technology theme can be directed - please ensure that you consider the international context and not just be limited to what capability exists in this theme within Australia.
  3. On the basis of your answer to part 2, and any other sources, please explain if you feel that there are any critical gaps in Australian capability in this theme and describe the nature of this gap. Consider gaps at any point along the TRL spectrum in order that one can eventually deploy some new technology into operations.
  4. Describe any potential blue sky opportunities in this theme where you develop quantum instruments (quantum-limited, quantum-enhanced, quantum physics exploiting) that can eventually address defence needs. Describe both the technology and the defence application and address whether we have the seeds of this activity in Australia.

If you would like to contribute material in advance of the workshop to the talk that one or more theme leaders will present, please contact them directly. Each theme leader will have a 30 minute time slot. 15 minutes will be available for their presentation and 15 minutes will be available for contributions questions/additional information from participants.

Perspective Speakers

Perspective Speakers (listed below) have been asked to give a 15 minute presentation at the workshop providing their perspective on the goals of PSA, how their organisation might best interact with PSA/NXS and how they view collaboration with PSA/NXS.

  • DSTG Perspective, Brian Hanlon
  • National Measurement Institute, Malcolm Gray
  • CSIRO, Cathy Foley
  • Space, Russell Boyce
  • CQC2T perspective, Michelle Simmons
  • EQuS perspective, Andrew Doherty
  • OzGrav perspective, David McClelland
  • CUDOS perspective, Ben Eggleton
  • FLEET perspective, Elena Ostrovskaya
  • CNBP perspective, Ewa Goldys
  • Industry perspective, Dan Shaddock
  • Academy of Science perspective, Hans Bachor


The venue for the event is the Department of Quantum Science (DQS) at ANU. DQS is on Science Road off Daley Road on the ANU campus. The meeting room is downstairs on the ground floor at the south east entrance to the building. We will place people at the other entrances to the building in case you get lost.

Accommodation & Travel

We ask you to book and arrange your own travel and accommodation. University House at the ANU is very convenient but please book early. If University House is booked out, there are many other options nearby in the city. In the past, we have used QT, Peppers Gallery, Hotel Hotel, Novotel, Crowne Plaza, Quest, Hyatt and Mantra and they all seem to have availability on the website. If you need any help with accommodation, please contact us at

Workshop participants

Attendance at the PSA Workshop is by invitation only. As at 5th October 2016 the attendees are:

  • Andrew Abell
  • Russel Anderson
  • Hans Bachor
  • Mark Baker
  • Mike Biercuk
  • Ben Buchler
  • Jong Chow
  • Andrew Doherty
  • Ben Eggleton
  • Cathy Foley
  • Marcin Piotrowski
  • Brant Gibson
  • Andrew Greentree
  • Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem
  • Lloyd Hollenberg
  • Joe Hope
  • Ping Koy Lam
  • Steve Madden 
  • David McCelland
  • Elena Ostrovskaya
  • David Ottoway
  • Taras Plakhotnik
  • David Reilly
  • Phil Reineck
  • Nick Robins
  • Rob Scholten
  • Matt Sellars
  • Dan Shaddock
  • Nigel Spooner
  • Tom Stace
  • Erik Streed
  • Mike Tobar
  • Lincoln Turner
  • Chris Vale
  • Anton Van den Hengel
  • Thomas Volz
  • Malcolm Gray
  • Michael Hush
  • Russell Boyce
  • Andrew Truscott
  • Gino Putrino
  • Dilusha Silva
  • Jarek Antoszewski
  • Joel Carpenter


For queries please contact